KEY VERSE: “So the word of God spread. The number of disciples in Jerusalem increased rapidly, and a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.     ACTS 6: 7


In earlier studies on witnessing, we have looked at fellowship and proclamation as two very important means of our witness. In addition to these two, we want to look at a third means which is service.

‘Service’ in Greek is diakonia. It means service or ministration of those who render to others the offices of Christian affection especially those who help meet need by either collecting or distributing of charities. It is said to be the underlying factor in all Christian ministry.

In this study, we seek to understand this principle of service as a witness as is portrayed in the Apostolic church (the church of the apostles) and in various other ways.



Below are some explanations on key issues in the text. (ACTS 6: 1-7)

Confusion in the midst of Service (ACTS 6: 1)

The church had seen a phenomenal numerical growth as a result of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that had been demonstrated in the proclamation of the word and a vibrant fellowship among the believers. The apostles were providing the so-called spiritual ministry of prayer and the Word of God but there was one aspect of equally important ministry that was suffering. This was the daily distribution of food and other social services. The lack of this service effectively, was threatening the cohesion of the church as some Greek-speaking Jewish widows had been neglected.



Prayerfully identify and commit yourself to some vital services you can render to God through your local church as your response to being a witness to God and share your experience with your class or Bible study group.

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