The idea to establish a Methodist church at Lartebiokorshie was mooted at an Accra circuit meeting held in March, 1971, under the chairmanship of the late Rev Joseph K Clegg, the then chairman of the Accra District. The Abossey Okai Society was charged with the responsibility at the establishment of the new society.

“At the leaders meeting of the Abossey Okai Methodist Church held on the 28th April, 1971, under the chairmanship of the late Rev J. E. A. Akushie, the necessary arrangement to start the church service at Lartebiokorshie was given to the youth fellowship and the Leaders.”

At the meeting of the Youth Fellowship held in early May,1971, a committee headed by Bro. A.R.K Mensah, Chaplain of the Youth Fellowship was appointed to carry out a study of the area and find out about the population and accommodation that would enable the church to be established. In the middle of May, 1971, the committee submitted its findings and made favorable recommendations on it and the dynamism of the Youth Fellowship was put into action.

Mr and Mrs J.T. Nettey-Marbell were consulted and they heartily agreed to allow a hall in their houses to be used as a place of worship. However, by reason of accessibility and space, Bro. E.K. Antwi, A class leader and local preacher of the Abossey- Okai Society who by His grace was then the head teacher of the Lartebiokorshie 1&2 middle school, advised that the two double-classrooms of the school could be used. Mr Antwi sought permission from the AMA and permission was granted for the usage of the classrooms for the proposed church service. Mr and Mrs J.T. Nettey-Marbell, Sis Eva Ankrah, Dr& Mrs E. Akwei, and Mr. E.K. Antwi greatly assisted the Youth Fellowship to plant the new church.

On Sunday,6th June,1971, some brethren from the Abossey Okai Church, prominent among them were Leaders, the Youth Fellowship members, choristers, Bro E. K. Antwi, late E.A.Allotey, late E.O. Dodoo, late Sis Eva Ankrah, Comfort Otoo, Hanna Quartey, late Wilhemina Akwei, and the residents of the area making a congregation of seventy-four(74) met at the doubled classroom of the middle school and held the first service at 9:30am.

The preacher was Bro. A.R.K. Mensah who later became the first caretaker and Society Steward of the church. Sister Margaret Lamptey and Grace Mensah served as sides-women and Bro. John Hammond- Acquah was the violinist who led the singing. Sis Wilhemina Akwei provided a white table cloth and a vase of flowers used at the service.


Some members of the Church choir of the AbosseyOkai Methodist Church who had been supporting the new church gradually started withdrawing back to their original church. Mr A.R.K Mensah therefore organized a few youth to form the choir and was holding choir practices until Mr. D.C Mensah joined the Lartebiokorshie Society and took over the handling of the choir on 15th October, 1971.

Our Staff Members

Sis. Florence Osabu

Sis Florence Osabu is a one of the stewards at the Grace Methodist Society. She is also aids in local translations during church services and the Church Revivals.

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Bro Lawrence Ofori-Addo

Lawrence Ofori-Addo is a Steward (Finance), and he doubles up as the CYO of the Lartebiokorshie circuit. He demonstrates excellent leadership of young people, plus an agile response to the...

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Sis. Gloria Menyansah

Sis. Gloria Menyansah previously served as secretary to the Leaders Meeting, Quarterly meeting under the Abossey Okai Circuit. She is the immediate past society steward of the Grace Methodist church....

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